Welcome From The Principal

Welcome to Children's House Montessori preschool. We are an accredited Montessori school that follows the Montessori ethos of following the child.

To best serve the needs of your child we offer a range of opportunities which, blended together, offer the perfect learning environment for your child to develop. We look to grow the physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social needs of your child.

We do that by offering Forest school, Cooking, Yoga, Music, Phonics, Art, Lego therapy, First Aid classes and Freeflow (the Montessori principal of constant access to the outdoors). Apart from French, these are all included at no additional cost.

It is not about filling of the pail, but the lighting of a fire. William Yeats

Our highly qualified teachers scaffold and differentiate children's needs. We are reflective practitioners who constantly reflect on what it s like to be a child in our environment and empower every child to have a voice. This enables us to respond to your child's needs in a bespoke manner and create opportunities for us all to grow.

We are the first and only Montessori school to be awarded the UNICEF Right Respecting Schools Gold award for educating children about their rights through their right to education. Your children are tomorrow's generation and it has been a privilege to watch the children grow in our school. It is a pleasure to watch them independently conflict resolve through language and problem solve with a positive outlook.

We work side by side with parents to ensure that your child is happy and therefore receptive to learning. As a parent myself I know it is one of the hardest jobs you will ever do and of course it is a job you are expected to do without any training! This is why in addition to providing specific training to support parents such as Empowered Parenting and Positive Language courses we also open up any training that we as teachers undertake for parents' participation. It has been inspiring to see parents and practitioners train side by side in Lego therapy, Paediatric First Aid and Special Educational Needs.

In allowing us to play a part in raising your children you have entrusted us with your greatest assets, an honour which we value greatly.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope that you find it informative.

However the most effective way to choose what is right for you and your child in this exciting and fundamental stage of their journey is to visit us and experience all that the Children's House can offer.

The best teachers are those that show you were to look, but don't tell you what to see. Alexandra K Trenfor