Our Values

To inspire your children to reach their potential.

To follow the child through effective observation and a solid understanding of child development.

To recognise that parents/ carers are children's first and foremost teachers and to work in partnership with them.

To be reflective practitioners.

To consider and regard the whole child, physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social.

To have happy, self motivating, independent, empowered, loved children who love learning and give them the gift of time.

Teaching life skills empowers our children. Watch as our children collaboratively work together to place our teacher in the recovery position.

If I can try out my ideas, experience what's around me, share what I find;
If I have plenty of time for my special pace, a nourishing space, things to transform;
If you'll be my patient friend, My trusted investigator, Partner in learning;
Then I will explore the world, discover my voice and tell you what I know in a hundred languages Pamela Houk